Yoroshiosu The Ryokan of Kyoto
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*"よろしおす (Yoroshiosu)" - "means very good in a Kyoto dialect."

●2012/05/14………New Featured article Vol.02 [ Tomaro-kun visits several "power spots." ]

●2010/05/24………New Featured article Vol.01 [ Tomaro-kun in a Gion teahouse! ]

●2009/09/30………The Kyoto Ryokan Hotel Association has renewed their website.

We have gathered lots of helpful, detailed information so that people from around the globe can understand the fascination of Ryokan in Kyoto.
This site is helpful and easy to use, translated into English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and traditional), and of course Japanese.
We hope this site can assist you to enjoy the best of your trip in Kyoto.

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