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The Kyoto Ryokan Hotel Association
A message from our Chief of directors

Kyoto is the old Capital with a history of over 1,200 years and will continue to be the homeland in the hearts of all Japanese.
Kyoto has many hotels and Japanese style inns.

A city blessed with tourism places in all seasons, Kyoto has many hotels and Japanese style inns to meet customer's needs whether it is for groups, business, meetings, excursions, or for a couple.

We have Japanese style inns, hotels built in traditional Japanese architecture styles, hotels built in modern Japanese architecture styles, and many inns that serve amazing kaiseki and seasonal Kyoto style foods.

We have hotels that are stylish, or convenient for business and sightseeing.
There will undoubtedly be a hotel that you will discover and enjoy and want to spend the night in.

Kyoto's Japanese style inns and hotels are united in providing a kind of hospitality only found in Kyoto, and we welcome everyone to enjoy Kyoto's reputation as a place to spend the night.
Please use this opportunity to stay in one of our associated hotels or Japanese style inns.

Chief of directors, Shigeki Kitahara

The History Of Our Association..

Kyoto Ryokan Asscociation of health and living established on May 19th 1958.

First generation Chairman
Mr. Eitaro Okamoto

As the predecessor of the association, The Kyoto Ryokan Hotel Association was established from a group of volunteers that came together on August 1st 1893.
As the 16th organization of environmental relations under the order of the bureau of health and welfare, we have been involved in much activity to advance and improve the awareness of sanitation standard and rationalize the operations.

The association currently has 500 members.
To think this association started off with 1,256 when it first established 40 years ago, the numbers have visibly decreased.
The growing numbers of hotels and other big facilities are an apparent cause.

Previous presidents Hotel name Term of office
Eitaro Okamoto Iroha Ryokan 1958.5.19 1961.5.10
Kyujiro Kitagawa Hizenya 1961.5.11 1970.1.27
Haruhiko Ito Menukiya 1970.1.18 1979.5.31
Seiji Nishida Kanamean Nishitomiya 1979.6.1 1995.6.25
Tsutomu Nakanishi Arashiyama Saishiki no
Yado Hanaikada
1995.6.29 2008.4.21
Tadahiko Yamamoto Momijiya 2008.5.14  
Shigeki Kitahara Ryokan Kohro 2011.5.25  

Presently, Mr. Shigeki Kitahara serves as the 7th generation chairman.

There are two committees that make up the association: The youth division and the division of large groups (Ryokan that accept large school excursions etc.).

It is our duty to maintain the security or our facilities, food and health safety of our associates, as we accommodate a number of guests and are responsible for not only their comfort, but their safety as well. Our number one priority is to maintain those principles by sharing information and putting effort into training our staff so we can hold our heads high as one of the biggest international and cultural tourist cities of the world.