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Why stay at a Ryokan when in Kyoto?

Presently, the internationally renowned metropolitan and the center of Japanese economy lies in our nation's capital Tokyo. Japan's history and economy runs actively in this city but 150 years ago, the capital of Japan was in Kyoto and prevailed with the growth of culture, history, art and performing arts for over 1,200 years.

Even after the relocation of the capital city, Kyoto has welcomed over 50 million domestic and international tourists every year and has been reborn as a tourist paradise. One third of those tourists accommodate in Kyoto, over 90% of which are domestic repeating tourists. In that connection, Japan has a population of 130 million people.

Why has Kyoto become such a loved city by all of Japan?
It is because of the preserved culture, history and creation of all the beauties of when it once reigned as the nation's capital.

A city where the Japanese can come in contact with their country's roots of culture and history. The beginning of food shelter and clothing, and the heart of Japanese hospitality. Staying at a Ryokan is almost like an epilogue of a tale of Japan's capital that started 1200 years ago. Experience the nostalgia of what one native Japanese can feel.