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Japanese cuisine is worldly renowned as being a health food, good for longevity and nutritional balance. Kyoto is the center of Japanese tradition and culture. Within the long culinary history of over 1200 years, Kyoto cuisine over others has raised a reputation as being the highest of quality.
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1. Sakizuke (An appetizer) 2. Zensai (A collaboration of ingredients from the ocean and the mountains. Aka Hassun) 3. Mukōzuke (Assorted sashimi) 4. Nimonowan (A boiled or simmered dish) 5. Yakizakana (Cooked fish or meat) 6. Aizakana (Served between a cooked dish and a boiled dish) 7. Shiizakana (A dish prepared with sake) 8. Takiawase (A mixed dish of cooked fish and vegetables) 9. Mizumono (Fruit or dessert)