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The philosophy of Kyo-ryori

Independent of the fact that Kyo-ryori (Japanese cuisine) is renowned as a health food or 『医食同源』(Ishokudōgen)*1, the dishes are all prepared based on the basic principles of 『割主烹従』(Kasshuhōjyū)*2. Kyo-ryori skillfully incorporates the changes in season, draws on the natural flavor of ingredients with a focus on simplicity, and expresses beauty through presentation select serving dishes. It is hoped that you can understand theses delicacies and enjoy Kyoto cuisine to its fullest.

*1『医食同源』(Ishokudōgen) – The idea that both food and medicine help preserve health. Your diet can work as a replacement for medicinal products.
*2『割主烹従』(Kasshuhōjyū) – The word “割主”(Kasshu) meaning to cut or break is the main idea, and “烹従”(hōjyū) meaning to cook or simmer follows. The rule of Japanese cuisine is first to think about how to serve the sashimi (Raw and cut fish) Then how to prepare things that need to be cooked or boiled.