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The 3 Fives of Kyo-ryori

There are 3 basics to Kyoto cuisine. Gomi, Goshoku and Gohō.
Gomi (5 tastes): Sweet, Spicy. Salty, Bitter and Sour.
Goshoku (5 Colors): Green, Red, Yellow, White and Black.
Gohō (5 methods): Raw, Cooked, Fried, Simmered and Boiled

Compare the differences of Gomi, the vibrant colors of Goshoku, and enjoy the variety of preparation methods of Gohō.
*In some countries overseas, it is said to prevent raw seafood when you are pregnant as it is thought that mercury will be ingested, but there is no such custom in Japan.
However, if you feel you do not want to, please inform your Ryokan in advance and other arrangements can be made.