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The etcetera of Japanese eats

Chopsticks: the one eating tool that every East Asian country including Japan cannot go without.
In recent years, there are many young Japanese people that cannot hold their chopsticks properly, as the number of Japanese culture neglectors rise. On the other hand, the increase of foreigners that are able to hold chopsticks flawlessly have dropped jaws of Japanese natives all over.

Rice: The staple diet of every East Asian country including Japan.
The abundant nutrition of sugars in rice is the source of energy for us Asians.
Japonica rice is said to have a distinctive stickiness to it, which is different from the long dry rice you usually see in other East Asian cuisine. After all, authentic Japonica rice grown and harvested on Japanese soil goes best with authentic Kyo-ryori.

In Japanese culinary culture, there is an important phrase that is always said before eating.

“ITADAKIMASU” – is the formal salutation made before a meal is consumed. The meaning is not as simple saying thanks for the food, but being blessed with life from the food is included in the meaning.

“GOCHISŌSAMADESHITA” – is what is said after a meal is finished to show appreciation to the person who prepared it.